How I work:
All products are made of Lamb Nappa and they are entirely handmade by me, from drawing to cutting, up to shaping and sewing.

Production times:

Production time for each order is 1-2 weeks after payment is received.
I take my time because every order must be made with the most attention to every single detail.

All my products are made strictly by hand.
This means that I can make a maximum of two per day.

For information about your order, contact me only after 2 weeks from the payment of the order, thank you!

Packages are shipped via SDA courier.
Shipping times, from the moment of delivery to the courier:

About 1 week, for European shipments.
About 4 weeks, for non-European shipments.
A tracking number will be sent to you, so you can following the shipped order.

Obviously, the PACKAGING is ANONYMOUS ^.^

Due to the kind of the product, no returns are allowed.
Returns are not allowed, especially if the product is used improperly, for example by tightening the laces in an impetuous and extreme way.

A big kiss to all those who will support my commitment and my work.